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As the founder of the YANA foundation it was Antonia Frick’s dream to get Liechtenstein’s youth involved in her NGO’s projects far away in Romania. To make this dream come true she formed a cooperation with the Liechtensteinischen Gymnasium to organize a weeklong trip for students of the school.

After a lot of planning and organizing in 2009 the first group of students from Liechtenstein led by their teacher Andreas Aczel set out for an adventurous journey to Larguta. The trip was a huge success and has been repeated every year since and it has become incredibly popular with the students in Liechtenstein. The trip offers the teenagers a once in a lifetime opportunity to widen their horizon and shape their personalities through working hard and living simply.


Living and working together for a week these camps have created countless friendships between teenagers from Liechtenstein and Romania!

Having experienced the “spirit of Larguta” in these camps many of us students wanted to stay connected to the region and involved in YANA’s projects. In 2011, to do that a group of former students of the Liechtensteinischen Gymnasium decided to create the “Friends of Larguta” organization.

We have supported the YANA projects ever since and as our organization continued to grow, we started to take a more active role.

The growing excitement for the YANA and FoL projects in the Bacau Region has made it possible to organize additional summer camps that happened annually for the past four years.

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