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As an NGO YANA (You Are Not Alone) has the goal to support vulnerable members of society in the Region of Bacau in Romania.

The charitable YANA foundation registered in Liechtenstein supports projects for families, elderly, children and teenagers in Bacau and Nicolae Balcescu (Romania) without limiting themselves to one aspect of social support alone.

Before founding YANA in 1996, Antonia Frick had been presiding Liechtenstein’s family support organization for 26 years and had gained profound expertise in social support projects. A visit in 1995 to Romania left her with the wish to get involved in the region and realize projects to support people in need.
She immediately began recruiting specialized employees for her projects from universities in Bucharest. Her first strategic investment was to fund scholarships for social workers which have since realized countless projects across the country.

In 1997, together with Romanian specialists, Antonia Frick established the first projects supporting families and elderly in Bucharest and Bacua, resulting in the founding of the “Bucursti Noi Foundation”.
At that time socio-economic problems such as unemployment, debt and a lack of healthcare services forced many citizens into poverty. Antonia Frick’s efforts consisted of support to fund necessary healthcare interventions, secure a sufficient basic diet, provide warm clothing and supplies for schools. Over 100 families were supported by the foundation and while life was tough the families and the foundation have always been determined to do everything to offer a better future for the children.

In recent years YANA has started to build daycare centers for children in need.
These centers offer more opportunities to assist the children’s education, relieve stress from (single) parents and protect children from any harm, as alcoholism is a common problem.
Today YANA accommodates about 80 children daily at their centers. Supporting and enabling their education gives them the chance to create a better future for themselves and increase the quality of life in the community.
YANA offers these services in cooperation the administration of Nicolae Balcescu, public schools of the region and other NGOs.

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