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The Bakery

Our current signature project is supplying YANA’s newest community center with a fully functional bakery.
The bakery will not only provide the kids at YANA’s daycare centers with fresh organic bread but will furthermore offer training and job opportunities for local teenagers.

By investing in local infrastructure and training people from the community this project truly embodies two core principles of our vision.




In the multi-purpose building operated by the YANA Foundation, more than 150 meals will be produced daily for the day center from 2020 onwards.

In order to supply them with high-quality raw materials, the Friends of Larguta association is working on setting up an agricultural project. 

The aim is to manage an area of 5000 square metres sustainably and to plant food such as potatoes and carrots as well as fruit trees.

In this way, another important part can be laid for the self-sufficiency of the day centers..


Women's emergency housing

Increased alcohol consumption and related domestic violence are a major problem in Romania. Often women and their children are affected and they have no choice but to flee to the streets.

In the multi-purpose building of the NGO YANA, in which our bakery is located, three emergency flats for women were set up by participants of a Larguta camp. 

In each room there is a double and a single bed, i.e. sleeping accommodation for three people. For example for a mother with two children. 


There is also a common lounge for all three rooms, where it is also possible to eat and spend time together.

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